When Are You?

2014. 1-frame video (Over and Over series).

When Are You? is a 1-frame video loop from the series Over & Over, which arose from a preoccupation with concepts of time, repetition, continuity, stasis and transformation. In these works, graphic imagery was assembled and re-assembled digitally, guided by a stark, basic aesthetic and situated in a realm with no horizon or perspective, aiming to suggest mental landscapes rather than those grounded in a physical world.

Repetitive loops may be seen as paradoxical 'moments out of time', related to the inherent contradiction of the illusion of moving images. As motion pictures are a series of stills appearing before our eyes in quick succession, a parallel may be drawn with the concept of time as a river; whilst continuous, one may never touch the same drop of water twice. This 1-frame loop embodies the notion that any image on the digital screen can be thought of as a moving image, progressing at the speed of the screen's refresh rate.

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