[ with Chloe Brenan and Irene Murphy ]

2016. Event.

(phe)NOM(e)NON was an edible, visual, social concoction that took place over one evening in the Guesthouse Project in Cork city. It was created in collaboration with Chloe Brenan and Irene Murphy (Domestic Godless).

Heidegger's concept of the Greek vase as an emblematic "Thing" served as the catalyst for proceedings: a something formed around a central void, a vessel for nothing. Guests were invited to contemplate the abyss through the conventions of a dinner party. Various edible and non-edible courses were literally served as ‘food for thought’ and ‘a feast for the eyes’.

Inspired by the grand salons of yesteryear, the event was conceived of as an experiment in the contextualisation and presentation of visual art, as well as a catalyst for conversation and platform for discourse.

Images clockwise from top left: [untitled] (video); [untitled] (video); The Hole in the Donut (video); Unfulfilled Potential (popcorn kernels, audio); Vascular Jelly (konjac, leaf); Negative Calorie Course (‘famine grass’, zero calorie noodles).

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