Capturing Kaspar

2011. Video (multi-channel installation).

Capturing Kaspar is a spontaneous exploration of the nature of collaboration, the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) power play between the performer/subject and artist/gaze. It was made with the irrepressible Estonian dance artist Kaspar Aus, whom I met during my time in Daghdha Dance Company.

Our working methodology was as follows: We picked five consecutive days and times. The day before each appointment, we flipped a coin to see who would pick the music and who would pick the location. We then met at the time and place agreed, where Kaspar danced, often with the music playing in his head. I filmed with a handheld camera.

There were no rehearsals, no re-shoots and no verbal discussions. I could not control how Kaspar danced or how he responded to the location or music. Kaspar meanwhile, could not control how I filmed him or what editing choices I would make afterwards. We worked intuitively and saw it as a duet between Kaspar and the camera/me, each trying to find a balance between being mischievous and gracious to each other.

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