974 Horizons (Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No. 3)

2016. Video.

As the First World War passes from memory to history, so military memorials pass from sites of remembrance to sites of imagination. Each headstone, simultaneously uniform and unique, represents one man's passing in Flanders Fields. Here they have been visited individually with the camera; light and shadow evoking horizons, perhaps of battlefields, perhaps of life and death.

The title and imagery for this work comes from the headstones* of the soldiers commemorated at Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No. 3. This memorial lies along the road from Ypres to Poperinge, two place names synonymous with the death toll of the Great War.

* Different sources state the total number of burials in Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No. 3 as 973, 974 or 975. However, numerous return visits and re-counts by the artist confirm that the total number of headstones is 974 (as of 12th November 2015).

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